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Design and Manufacture of Metal and Wooden
About Ernest Gill

History − 1900-1959


1900 − Ernest Gill born, September 28 1900, in the Village of Northowram, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England.


1910 − Ernest Gill aged only 10 years, rents Number 6 Tetley Lane, Northowram, Halifax; and sets up his own business! After leaving school Ernest begins work as an Apprentice Machine Tool Engineer. When old enough, Ernest was conscripted to work as a miner at a local pit.


During the Depression after the World War I, Ernest Gill had a meeting with a relative from London, regarding a shortage of appropriate building materials in the capital. He decided to purchase two stone quarries in order to meet a demand. Here he worked manually during the day "dressing" the stone before transporting it, by train, to the capital. The streets were not paved with gold, but with his Yorkshire stone!


1933 − When economic conditions improved, Ernest Gill returned to Machine Tool engineering.

1939 − During WWII he remained in the engineering field and was one of a team that designed a bombsight for Lancaster Bombers.

1940−49 − Ernest Gill and Son was founded, in 1945 by Ernest Gill and his son Ronald. Ernest Gill and Son was established as a manufacturer producing small turned parts for specific local companies. This was run from the rented weaver’s cottage on Tetley Lane, Northowram.


1951 − After a number of extremely hard and exhausting years, Ernest Gill purchases 6-9 Tetley Lane the property he had rented for over 41 years!

1952 − The Company requires further expansion and additional space is required and a Nissan Hut was built, next to existing buildings to provide extra working area for new machines.

1953 − Ernest Gill and Son employ 7 people.

1955 − Further expansion again to buy a barn as a storage facility for raw materials and finished products. This stock facility gave him the edge on his competitors.

1960−69 − Two further expansions occurred during this period, as the company diversifies and adapts to the changing engineering manufacturing markets and techniques. Throughout this period as always, Ernest Gill and Son are renowned for their quality manufacturing.
Continued hard work and investment in the latest technology is the basis of the company’s growth.

1969 − Moved into new larger Sowerby Bridge Engineering premises and combined all three remote sites under one roof.


1974 − Ernest Gill recognised the benefits of using robots for welding. Ernest was very ill when he and Ronald decided that this was the future. From manufacturing metal seating components an opportunity arose to commence manufacturing other furniture components for The Crown Suppliers

1974 − David Gill began working in Ernest Gill and Son.

1975 − Ernest Gill died in April, after a long illness.

1976 − John Gill started working in Ernest Gill and Son.

1976 − Ernest Gill and Son, purchased, a year after the death of its founder, the first robotic welder in the UK. British Leyland visited the Ernest Gill and Son factory site to see such an innovative machine, and to determine whether it could be used to manufacture cars!

1979 − David Gill invents machine to manufacture Whitley Office Furniture Leg frames – the best selling office furniture range throughout the 80’s and 90’s.


1981 − With the increased sales of metal epoxy powder coating items, Ernest Gill and Son expanded again by moving into new Shelf underframe manufacturing premises.

1984 − After receiving orders for 20,000 desks in one day – Ernest Gill and Son bought a cabinet making company, plant and factory in Elland.

1986 − With the increase in the manufacture of completed desks instead of metal components, Ernest Gill and Son purchased our Holmfield 100,000 square foot manufacturing plant, to unify all three sites (Engineering, Underframe and Cabinet) under one roof.

1986 − EGS employs 40 people

1988 − Emergent Crown was founded to provide products and services to the Private Sector.

1988 − Completion of prestigious Emergent Crown Head Office & Showroom program

1989 − Philip Gill started work.


1990 − The proposed privatisation of The Crown Suppliers collapses and Emergent Crown are successful in selling the Ernest Gill and Son product directly to the Government departments.

1990 − Emergent Crown recognised the need to provide unbeatable service and expanded by acquiring the current Emergent Crown Warehouse.

1992 − Emergent Crown wins it first prestigious National Contract with the Department of Social Security.

1993 − Increased sales leads to another expansion, the purchase of our 30000 sq feet Hope Street factory where all metalwork manufacture is undertaken.

1996 − EGS and Emergent Crown employs approximately 60 people

1997−1999 − Massive investment in state of the art machinery from all over the world.


2000 − Launch of Emergent Crown very successful Primary range of desking, which with unbeatable quality and prices is selected on an increasing number of contracts.

2000 − Simon Gill, Ernest Gill’s Great Grandson joins the company, 100 years after the founders birth.

2000 − Primary Office Furniture appears to be well on its way to becoming Emergent Crown best selling product range ever.

2001+ − Further investment within the company on all aspects of the business to ensure that Emergent Crown and Ernest Gill and Son continue to grow and offer the quality and service which our customers demand.
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